• Simon Ward

Review: Titanfall

For so long Call of Duty has been like a spinster at a wedding: alone and without any company whatsoever. It has stood as the singular gold standard for first-person shooters. Unmatched, unrivalled, unparalleled… until now.

Because Titanfall is a game changer. In fact, it literally changes the game – it bins any single-player mode and makes it solidly about online multiplayer, meaning you are always battling real foes. Well, as real as online gamers get.

Combat is completely different, too. Play as Pilots, free-running soldiers-types who nip around the huge maps and are beast to kill, or Titans, huge machines who stomp around. Both have their distinct advantages, and disadvantages.

Never have we played a first-person shooter that feels so different. And the fact it’s such a breath of fresh air in the most crowded game genre of the last decade already makes it game of the year contender. It’s honestly that good! Call of Duty should be quivering in their army boots.


Originally published in ZOO Magazine, issue 519.

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