• Simon Ward

Super Mario 3D World

Only an idiot would argue the Wii U has had a good first year. Its birth was so messy it resembled John Hurt’s stomach after that alien popped out. Things didn’t get better with a lack of big games, or support from big developers.

But they’re turning it around with Super Mario 3D World, a supremely silly four-player platformer that’ll have grinning so hard, you’ll look like Kanye West after he’s spotted Kim Kardashian has just posted an arse ‘selfie’ on Twitter.

There’s just so much variety in the gameplay, such as one white water rafting level where you all had to turn your Wii Remote in the same direction to the move the boat. It’s multiplayer for people who actually like each other.

The Xbox One and PS4 will launch this Christmas with gigantic price tags – and that’s if you can actually find one. But with a much lower price tag, and this excellent Mario game, Christmas could come early for Nintendo.


Originally published in ZOO Magazine, issue 501.

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