The internet... it's going to be massive, right? As Editor on Virgin TV Edit, I also write a lot of features alongside editing other people's work. Below are a few examples of my recent output, both on Virgin TV Edit and freelance work.

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The Big Issue

‘It changed my life’: The ordinary people powering the Game of Thrones empire (The Big Issue, 11th April 2019) - link | pdf

‘Wasted’ the musical shows why the Brontës rocked (The Big Issue, 15th August 2018) - link | pdf

London’s Human Library is the storytelling antidote to our age of exclusion (The Big Issue, 30th March 2018) - link | pdf

Virgin TV Edit


Marvel's Avengers Iron Man profile with Scot Amos and Rose Hunt (Virgin TV Edit, 23rd January 2020) - link | pdf

Marvel's Avengers quick-fire interview with Scot Amos (Virgin TV Edit, 3rd December 2019) - link | pdf

Marvel's Avengers developer gameplay commentary (Virgin TV Edit, 20th November 2019) - link​ | pdf

Virgin TV Edit meets Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan for This Way Up (Virgin TV Edit, 5th August 2019) - link | pdf

Virgin TV Edit meets the Derry Girls (Virgin TV Edit, 15th March 2019) - link | pdf


The best TV moments from 2019 revealed! (Virgin TV Edit, 19th December 2019) - link | pdf

12 things we found out about His Dark Materials (Virgin TV Edit, 30th October 2019) - link | pdf

Who will win the Premier League this season? (Virgin TV Edit, 30th July 2019) - link | pdf

Killing Eve season 2: your big questions answered (3rd June 2019) - link | pdf


15 moments that shook the 2018/19 Premier League season (30th April 2019) - link | pdf

Taskmaster series 8 - meet the contestants (Virgin TV Edit, 29th April 2019) - link | pdf

Will a British side win the Champions League? (Virgin TV Edit, 25th March 2019) - link | pdf

Listicles, quizzes and infographics

Play the Great British Bake Off bingo (Virgin TV Edit, 21st August 2019) - link | pdf

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing - life lessons from series 1 (Virgin TV Edit, 30th July 2019) - link | pdf


Everything you didn't know about Neil Armstrong (Virgin TV Edit, 18th July 2019) - link | pdf


Women's World Cup Final quiz (Virgin TV Edit, 3rd July 2019) - link | pdf

Judge Romesh argument settler and interview (Virgin TV Edit, 17th May 2019) - link | pdf

The 2019 London Marathon in numbers! (Virgin TV Edit, 24th April 2019) - link | pdf

Match fat to match fit (Virgin TV Edit, 14th March 2019) - link | pdf

Take our dino-mite Jurassic World quiz (Virgin TV Edit, 23rd April 2019) - link | pdf

It's Gere through the years (Virgin TV Edit, 26th February 2019) - link | pdf

The Big Bang Theory A-Z (Virgin TV Edit, 16th February 2019) - link | pdf

Play The Brit Awards Bingo (Virgin TV Edit, 12th February 2019) - link | pdf

Let's get Hypothetical (Virgin TV Edit, 12th February 2019) - link | pdf

The LEGO movies in numbers (Virgin TV Edit, 5th February 2019) - link | pdf

Round Ups

Start a Box Set this January (Virgin TV Edit, 8th January 2020) - link | pdf

The best new TV shows in 2020 (Virgin TV Edit, 6th January 2020) - link | pdf

What to watch on TV this Christmas! (Virgin TV Edit, 19th December 2019) - link | pdf

The best Christmas TV episodes of all time (Virgin TV Edit, 18th December 2019) - link​ | pdf

Best of ITV Hub December (Virgin TV Edit, 4th December 2019) - link | pdf

Best Christmas films on Sky Cinema (Virgin TV Edit, 2nd December 2019) - link | pdf

A merry little Christmas film marathon (Virgin TV Edit, 26th November 2019) - link | pdf

Sky Cinema megahits collection (Virgin TV Edit, 9th July 2019) - link | pdf

The Battle of Britain Sky Sports round up (Virgin TV Edit, 25th March 2019) - link | pdf

Must-watch comedy and drama in 2019 (Virgin TV Edit, 1st January 2019) - link | pdf

TV crackers on Christmas GOLD (Virgin TV Edit, 29th November 2018) - link | pdf

Are You The Ultimate Doctor Who Fan? (Virgin TV Edi, 26th June 2018) - link | pdf

Sport's Most Unusual Prizes (Virgin TV Edi, 12th March 2018) - link | pdf


5 Kids' Picks To Enjoy (Virgin TV Edit, 25th January 2018) - link | pdf


7 Tennis Coaches You Should Know Ahead Of The Australian Open (Virgin TV Edit, 18th January 2018) - link | pdf


4 Tennis Aces To Watch At The Australian Open (Virgin TV Edit, 11th January 2018) - link | pdf